1. The main purpose of the passage is to

2. It can most reasonably be assumed in the passage that before Götz’s experiments

3. Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question?

4. The primary function of the first paragraph is to

Any disturbition or publication of this work or page is illegal 

5. The words “stereotypical” (line 4) and “loner” (line 20) create

6. As used in line 50, “draw” most nearly means

7. The primary effect of Michele Gelfand’s statement in lines 25-30 is to

8. Based on the passage, the difference between Switzerland and America as represented in the graph would be do to

9. Based on Figure 1 and the passage, which choice provides a correct relationship?

10. Does the data in the graph support the claims made by Geland in lines 32-37 (“For examples . . . says”)?


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